Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Server Sundaram

Music  Review (Tamil): Server Sundaram
Music Composer: Santosh Narayanan

Bro's ear friendly techno sounds in the background backed by Tapas Naresh's drums being the amiable element in the soundtrack whereas the tune by Santosh Narayanan is as passable as his vocals. Lyrics by Viveka is adequately listenable enough and flows with the tune serving the purpose aptly nevertheless nothing extraordinary element in the song.Nirkaadhey's prelude has the shades of Santosh Narayanan's close associate Pradeep Kumar's indie album Poorva whereas what follows is an interesting attempt at the fusion of classical elements and trademark Santosh Narayanan sounds. The undeniable highlight being the Anantha Narayanan's classical violin in the second interlude and Naveen's bass line. Ananthu, Vijay Narain and Santosh Narayanan aces the Vivek's optimistic lyrics and makes this song enjoyable one till it lasts.

Though as a standalone tune Kannal Modhadhey appears as plain one, Sid Sriram's improvisations along with the blues touch in the tune make the listeners to totally buy the song. Babu steals the show from Sid Sriram in the interludes with his splendid trumpet while Naveen's synth bass blends beautifully throughout the song.Gama Gama Samayal is highly rooted to the nativity both in terms of lyrics and 4 Idiots percussion, however, the tune is hardly an interesting one. Anthony Daasan's monotonous vocals and Santosh Narayanan's vocals didn't help the song much either which makes this one least interesting song in the album.The song of the soundtrack is indubitably Unavey Marundhu and the classical fusion attempt with the renowned carnatic vocalists Ranjani Gayatri works like charm. The arrangements are top notch and the haunting nylon guitar strums by Keba Jeremiah along with the Ganapthy's Mridangam makes this one blissful experience while Vivek's lyrics deserves the special mention amidst the sonic brilliance in the arrangements front.

Verdict: Santosh Narayanan opens his 2017 account with the unexpected brilliant two fusion songs in Server Sundaram.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Unavey Marundhu, Nirkaadhey, Kannal Modhadhey