Friday, June 23, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Geminiganesanum Suruli Rajanum

Music Review (Tamil): Geminiganesanum Suruli Rajanum
Music Composer: Imman

Pradeep Kumar gets a stellar opening rock track, Ammukuttiye and the singer is pitch perfect with his rendition while much awesomeness comes in the arrangements. Karthik Iyer's kickass solo violin in the second interlude and classical tinge in the Keba Jeremiah's guitar riffs make this one earworm track in the album while Yugabharathi shines with his easy go lyrics. Imman delivers another charming melody, Kanmani which is strictly confined to the Imman's territory but at the same time the tune is enjoyable and ear pleasing till it lasts. In the backgrounds, the upbeat rhythm and Nathan's woodwinds do magic to the pleasant tune. Abhay Jodhpurkar's charming rendition makes this song easy another winner in the soundtrack.

Venilla Thangachi is a passable kuthu track which struggles to elevate beyond the mediocre level despite the lively show by Nakash Aziz and Ramya NSK. Balasubramaniam's Nadhaswaram being the only highlight of this forgettable track and Yugabharathi's lyrics didn't help the song either.Imman strikes back yet again with Aahaa Aahaa and the sensual vocals of Shreya Goshal with excellent support by Haricharan ups the ante of the track. The Ilayaraja'esque tune is adorned by the brilliant rhythm section conducted by Kaviraj accompanied by Nathan's woodwinds and Seenu's strings. Imman ends the soundtrack with another mediocre track Thambi Cuttingu, which starts with an enticing prelude but slips into the tried and tested insipid tune. Anthony Daasaan and Vijay Yesudas's vocals fail to lift the song and Yugabharathi's pedestrian lyrics adds little value to the languishing tune.

Verdict: Imman's melodies are easily accessible as usual but the fast paced tracks comes off as tiresome listen. Ammukuttiye being the irresistible track in this typical Imman album.

My Rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Ammukuttiye, Aaha Aaha, Kanmani.