Sunday, June 4, 2017

Music Review(Tamil): Kurangu Bommai

Music Review(Tamil): Kurangu Bommai
Music Composer: Ajaneesh Loknath

Paathum Paakama's waltzy tune and cheerful accordion dominated arrangements mixed with assorted string sections easily work to its favour while Shankar Mahadevan's impeccable singing adds charm to the song. There is a fine guitar rhythm in the background which blends smoothly with the string sections in the foreground while Francis's lyrics are adequate. Annamaare Ayyamaare takes its cue from the composer's recent smashing Belegaadu in Kirik Party, though the song sounds mediocre, the tune in the Charanam portions is intriguing enough to clasp the listeners. VM Mahalingam aces the tune with right swag and adequate support from Premji Amaran.

Beachu Kaathu's tune is a fiasco despite an engaging and high octane brass led arrangements in the background while Anthony Daasan sounds as usual and unable to prop up the average song in the soundtrack.CR Bobby is one of my personal favourite singer who often sings for Ajaneesh Loknath and she croons a short effective Unna Naan Rasika and the only grouse being that song is less than two-minute duration. Kalaangadhe Kanne is another short track delivered by the composer itself and it's too short to create any impact on the listeners.

Verdict: Though nothing extraordinary debut by the famous Sandalwood composer, the tracks are adequately engaging and refreshing. Eagerly waiting for his Ulidavaru Kandante's Tamil Remake Richie.

My Rating:7.5/10\

Pick of the Album: Paathum Paakama, Annamaare Ayyamaare