Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Ivan Thandiran

Music Review (Tamil): Ivan Thandiran
Music Composer: S S Thaman

Dagalty's outmoded kuthu tune and the pedestrian lyrics fails to lift the song from the mediocre level while Thaman spruces up the proceedings in the interludes but overall the track falls flat. Rahul Nambiar's vocals being the only solace in this below average number from Thaman. Ivan Thandiran fares slightly better than the introduction song but strictly in comparison, otherwise, the title song has nothing extraordinary to offer. However, the rhythm and guitar riffs are neatly done by Thaman and Deepak Dev along with Yazin Nizar sails through the typical tune effortlessly.

Thaman tweaked his blockbuster Telugu track Telusa Telusa to Medhakavitta Medhakavitta and the result is astounding mainly because of the pleasant tune and the pitch perfect singing by Sanjana Kalmanje. Yazin Nizar ably supported her by crooning this dulcet melody while the interludes are adequately engaging.The instrumental version of Medhakavitta comes as a theme song and the splendid tune is adequately enjoyable dominated by mellifluous flute and keys section.

Verdict: Thaman's redux of Telugu blockbuster song saves this Ivan Thandiran and the short soundtrack fails to strike.

My Rating:6/10

Pick of the Album: Medhakavitta Medhakavitta