Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Music Review: Finding Fanny

Music Review (Hindi): Finding Fanny
Composer: Mathias Duplessy and Sachin Jigar

Fanny re, with its trippy guitar led arrangement along with accordion towards the end and lovely first interlude is an interesting listen.The vocals by Mathias Duplessy and Mukthiyar Ali is equally good for this upbeat tune. Mahi ve is an another version of Fanny re with exactly same orchestration except replacing fanny re with Mahi ve. Ding Dong, again dominated by stringed instruments and composer itself behind the mic carrying the english verses in European flavoured tune wonderfully. Then enter Sachin-Jigar with wacky lyrics (Guessing by the name of the song, Shake your bootiya) and tempting orchestration is the clean winner in the short crispy soundtrack.

Verdict: Mathias Duplessy and Sachin Jigar delivers the world class music for this whimsical movie (Trailer looks like that) for this short soundtrack.

Pick of the album: All songs

My rating:7.5/10