Sunday, August 3, 2014

Music Review : Kadavul Paadhi Mirugam Paadhi

Music Review (Tamil): Kadavul Paadhi Mirugam Paadhi
Composer: Rahul Raj

Naan Indri Naan dhaana with its groovy guitary tune along with Sooraj Santosh energetic singing makes this song interesting listen. Soundtrack's best comes with the vocals of Gayathri Suresh's Enathu ulagil, an engaging tune well supported by arrangements by Rahul raj especially flute portions in the prelude and first interlude. Rahul Raj got the kuthu elements right along with Suchitra in Meenama Meenama, who usually nails these kind of songs at ease. Only the lyrics irks a lot. Beast rock apt to its name rides high on the rocky tune with sprightly done rap portions by Arjun Sasi is also an engaging listen. The dark Theme is a haunting instrumental piece dominated by strings and Piano with spooky vocals and chorus portions.

Verdict : Malayalam film composer Rahul Raj's  tamil debut is not at its best but surely Enathu ulagil and Naan Indri Naan dhaana stays in the charts for long time.

My rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the album: Enathu ulagil, Naan Indri Naan Dhaana