Tuesday, August 12, 2014

TV Dinners Music Review

Music Review (English Pop Album) : TV dinners
Composer: Mikey Mcleary

Chase every dream, a soft rock track meddled with soothing Anushka manchanda voice traverse over the standard template for this genre and the composer retains the original voice in the Levi's curve ID.Next Composer enters into the foray of hard rock dominated by the engaging guitary riffs and composer itself get behind the mic for I don't know where I'm going results in an engaging listen. The original ad features Katrina kaif for Titan Ad. Again composer came behind the mic for the soft bluesy kind of song, If I go mad (Original Aamir Khan's Titan HTSE Ad) with nifty guitar bits along with techno sounds especially loved the guitar sound in the second half. 

Next comes If you feel(Original Audi A6 india campaign) in Monica dogra's whispery voice amidst the heavy adrenaline exuding techno arrangements.My personal favourite among the all songs is Shalmali Kolgade's Just a little crush(Original Lakme fruit blast face wash). Truly the lady aced the vocals portion especially in love with the way she shows variation in pronouncing crush and the arrangements also in line with the teenage girl pop song. Shalmali's next song You got me also a retro pop song along with Sax and guitar combination in arrangement is also an interesting listen. Little things you do for me works mainly because of the sweet voice by Anushka Manchanda and the usage of keys and laid-back guitary notes is an asset to this track. Oh I feel wonderful (Original version) has eclecltic instruments usage but nonetheless Mikey Mcleary style of singing didn't excite much. Open book (original Vodafone jingle) opens with nice Piano notes along with mellifluous Mauli Dave's voice. True highlight of the song is the combination of piano and strings in the orchestration.Mikey Mcleary nails  the vocal section along with Saxy and brass led orchestration in world is our playground.

Verdict: Mikey Mcleary inventive idea of making full songs out of his famous jingles is an winsome one and he pulls off the idea nicely. Hope many composers follow the trend.

My rating:8.5/10

Pick of the album: I don't know where I'm going, Just a little crush, Open book, If you feel

You can listen to the songs here