Monday, August 18, 2014

Music Review (Tamil) - Kaaviya Thalaivan

Music Review (Tamil) - Kaaviya Thalaivan
Composer -Rahman

Aye Mr. Minor, Rahman takes us to Iruvar days, wonderful retro styled tune, with impeccable singing by Haricharan and Shashaa Tripati. Loved the usage of Mandolin and very soothing arrangement. Sandi Kuthirai, Rahman spruces up with quirky sounds throughout the song and Haricharan excelled in vocals with exuberant singing matches with the arrangement. This song seems to be tribute to yesteryear classical songs. Rahman garnishes the arrangement with occasional cartoonish sounds, trumpet and intermittant laughs. Arresting listen. Sollividu sollividu, starts with dark themed, frenetic sounds and Mukesh shows his diversity in singing be it pathos singing to stop the war at the end or energetic singing in the first half, he pulls off with ease. Thirupugazh, its Vani Jayaram's show throughout the song, she nails the classical rendition for the Arunagirinathar's verses and Rahman goes minimal in orchestration.

Vaanga Makka vanga, welcome song for nadaga sabha sang brilliantly by Haricharan and Dr. Narayanan. Rahman packed the song with mainly percussion instruments like Thavil, miridangam and Morsing sound along with brilliant veena in the first interlude. Next comes Yaarumilla with clarinet prelude and arrangement dominated by Tabla along wonderful chorus in the second interlude. Nonetheless Shwetha Mohan steals the show with her flawless rendition. Finally, Alli Arjuna 10 minutes long compilation of bit tracks with lyrics penned by Vaali and singing by Haricharan and Bela shende is mostly situational drama on marriage between Alli and Arjuna. Loved the nadhaswaram in Vandhanam and folky tune in Alli varugiral. Then songs turns heavy with percussions in Naan Annathooviyil and finally ends with gettimelam and drums dominating Nenju Porukudhillaye.

My Pick of the album: Sanda Kuthirai, Aye Mr. Minor, Yaarumilla

My Rating :8.5/10

Verdict: Rahman delivers the period album in deftly manner like the only way he can and ably supported by all singers. Hope songs will be visual treat in the movie.

You can listen to the songs here