Saturday, January 24, 2015

Music Review (Hindi) : Badlapur

Music Review (Hindi) : Badlapur
Music Composer : Sachin-Jigar

Jee Karda is a killer of the soundtrack and everything in the song is pitch perfect be it tune, spirited maniac rendition of Divya Kumar or frenzy guitar cum drums cum Shenai combination. Overall kickass song from Sachin Jigar. In another rock version of the song, Guitar comes to the fore dominating the vocals too and shenai is replaced by harmonium results in listenable track. Jeena Jeena is soothing melody in Atif Aslam voice aided well by minimal guitar strums, soften flute and other assorted sounds. Mellow quotient in original version is botched up heavily in remix version and better can be avoided. Soundtrack enrds with melancholic song Judaai in the vocals of ever reliable Arijit Singh and prolific Rekha Bharadwaj. Sarangi/Violin in the interludes accentuates the mood of the song still further.

Verdict: Sachin Jigar opens 2015 with short and highly listenable soundtrack. Thanks to addicting Jee Karda especially.

My rating:8/10

Pick of the Album: Jee Karda (both versions), Judaai, Jeena Jeena