Monday, January 19, 2015

Music Review (Hindi) : Shamitabh

Music Review (Hindi) : Shamitabh
Music Composer: Ilayaraja

Ishq e filum, seems to be ode to cinema and orchestration is brilliant dominated by synth elements with lovely sax and Raja's touches in the interludes. Suraj Jagan is pitch perfect with his energetic vocals. Sha Sha Mi Mi which was played in the background in the trailer has Caralisa Manteiro in the vocals and she sounds magnificent  however tune is on the flip side except for interesting title hook. Nevertheless Raja manages to hook the listeners with amazing interludes especially brass section in the preludes and intriguing sounds throughout the songs. Watch out for the grand second interlude especially. 

Piddly Si Baatein, already became chartbuster has Amitabh Bachan in vocals and he sounds considerably better than Mere Paa from Paa. Ilayaraja's trademark touches with strings and occasional brass sections. Overall orchestration rides on familiar note. In Stereophonic Sannata, Raja remixes his yesteryear sensational hit song Aasaiya Kathula with complete change over in orchestration. Raja arranged the song with interesting beatboxing, and other assorted techno sounds. Sruthi Hassan excels in rendering the song with her own attitude. Remix in this song is totally different unlike other Balki- Raja remix works. In Thappad , Raja tries to traverse untrodden path by him, contemporary club party song and he gets everything right with techno sounds and wonderful guitar-violin combo in second interlude except for the tune which is not half interesting as sounds despite sincere rendition by Suraj Jagan. Next comes short track Lifebuoy with Suraj Jagan in vocals again and this time both tune and techno sounds gels well with short duration being the only grouse. 

Verdict: Balki- Ilayaraja combo works well in Shamitabh and Raja gave all original tracks unlike duo's previous ventures.

My rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Ishq e filum, Stereophonic Sannata, Piddly Si Baatein