Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Music Review (Hindi) : Hawaizaada

Music Review (Hindi) : Hawaizaada
Music Composer: Rochak Ali, Ayushmann Khurrana, Mangesh Makhde, Vishal Baradwaj

    Hawaizaada dil has a relaxed laid back tune and Rochak Ali too complements well with the free flowing tune. Rochak mixes occasional whistling, mellow strings in the interludes along with parade type sounds with drums and trumpets in the background. Daak ticket is a serene folkish melody with soothing arrangements in the vocals of Mohit Chauhan and Javed Bashir. Rochak arranges with interesting tabla, flute throughout the track. Mohit is splendid with his vocals especially. Rochak Ali ends his compositions with Turram Khan quite unconventional track (quirky title hook) lead by Papon followed by melodic Ayushmann khurrana and Monali Thakur though transition is bumpy. Guitar portions are totally engaging and sing along.

     Mohit Chauhan once again excels in European styled song Maaza My lord composed by Mangesh Makhde however tune is bit jaded in some portions. Neeti Mohan renders the exciting part of the tune despite for short duration. Udd jayega rides mainly on energetic Sukhwinder Singh vocals and tune has deja vu feel associated with it. It's another version with its mild Qawwali inclusions (tabla and Harmonium) is considerably better than Udd jayega purely due to Wadali brothers and Harshdeep Kaur. Songs another short version gets much better by Harshdeep Kaur's soulful rendition.

   Another composer cum singer Ayushmann Khurrana delivers engaging melody Dil - e- Nadaan with slight ghazal touches especially santoor bits in the second interlude and he croons too in an effectual way. The reprise version has more western feel attached to it with Piano and other assorted sounds backed by Ayushmann and Shwetha Subram. Vishal bharadwaj ends the soundtrack in style with Dil Todne Ki Masheen, lively engaging folk tune mixed with techno sounds and impeccable singing by his better half Rekha Bharadwaj.

Verdict : With 4 composers and ten songs Hawaaizaada soundtrack is an eclectic mix  with each composer churned out brilliant set of songs.

My rating:8.25/10

Pick of the Album: Hawaizaada Dil, Dil todne ki Masheen, Dil - e- Nadaan, Daak ticket