Friday, January 30, 2015

Music Reveiw (Telugu): Temper

Music Reveiw (Telugu): Temper
Music Composer : Anoop Rubens

Choolenge Aasme, starts with lilting guitar strums works despite heard before feel and Adnan Sami along with Ramya Behra, Veena Ghantasala delivers their best. Percussions, strings and gibberish voices in the background adds latino feel to the song. Temper's title song is a usual percussion loaded mundane jarring song with bunch of singers Uma Neha, MLR Karthikeyan, Bharghavi Pillai and Simha. Devudaa adds another uninspiring tune to the soundtrack and vocals by Anoop Rubens and Puri Jagannadh is jaded while interludes being the only solace. One more time is the romantic song with engaging tune interspersed with classical touches in orchestration (especially lovable violin and thavil). Vocals by Ranjith and Lipsika too apt and flows along with violin in some places  however processing in Lipsika's voice could have been avoided. Another mass song in the album Ittage Rachipodham prodded by Geetha Madhuri's enthusiastic vocals is a passable listen.Theme song blends Bhaghavad Gita verses with EDM and sequencer music results in an average track.

Verdict: Anoop Ruben's Temper is a kind of mixed soundtrack backed by two lovable melodies.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Choolenge Aasme, One more time