Monday, January 12, 2015

Music Review (Tamil) : Valiyavan

Music Review (Tamil) : Valiyavan
Music Composer : Imman

       Aahaa Kadhal Vandhu, has every elements in it for associating with Imman, be it quirky sounds (may be Kazooz), or violins and percussions. Ranjith delivers the catchy tune too in an enticing manner. Eyes on you, long instrumental theme with guitar by Kebab, though Mission Impossible tints are undeniable in an otherwise engaging theme track for an action thriller flick. Imman associate with Papon for the first time in Hello Hello and his inebriated rendition blends well with the theme of the track. Orchestration wise guitar strums throughout the song and dog's sounds stand apart. In kadhal Nallavana, Imman attempts to mix Jazzy arrangements with Snighda's rocky vocals and he succeeds partly in making this song interesting. In Oh Baby come with me too, Imman digressed from his routine track with M L R Karthikeyan in the vocals result in an listenable track especially interludes with Carnatic base are brilliant. Yelomia has an uninspiring tune despite earnest effort by Sunidhi Chauhan's dreamy vocals. Imman's latino touch in the instrumentals is laudable though.

My rating:7.5/10

Verdict: Imman's considerably fared better than his previous outing and digreesions from his usual trademark sounds too works.

Pick of the Album: Aahaa Kadhal Vandhu, Oh Baby come with me, Hello Hello