Monday, January 5, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Gopala Gopala

Music Review (Telugu): Gopala Gopala
Music Composer: Anoop Rubens

Bhaje Bhaje, festive song and orchestration too confined within those genre with heavy drums flowing along with the conventional tune. Though at beginning, Haricharan seems to struggle with high pitch but after the first prelude, he carries the song in his own way along with well employed chorus. Enduko, with its catchy folk tune and lyrics by chandrabose about the superstitions in hindu Mythology surpasses the tune. Kailesh Kher delivers the folk song very well and Anoop arrangements gels well with his voice results in an interesting song in the soundtrack. Needhe Needhe starts off with an intriguing note but towards the middle song turns too laborious listen despite fine effort from Sonu Nigam. Theme song is punchy with slight touch of Bhaje Bhaje song and beautiful flute interspersed throughout the song and Pawan Kalyan fans will surely go gaga when he arrives on screen.

Verdict: Anoop Rubens composed the songs which are situational based and strictly tandem with the theme of the film. Colourful picturisation may elevates the level of the songs.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Enduko Enduko, Bhaje Bhaje