Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Urumeen

Music Review (Tamil): Urumeen
Music Composer:Achu

Achu owns Baby Baby from start till end with his captivating arrangements dominated by guitar riffs whereas the deja vu feel in the tune is a minor grouse even though it's engaging to the  large extent till it last. Mani Amudhavan's funny lyrics makes this song listenable and tune is cakewalk for Anthony Daasan. Hey Umayaal is short breezing melody and Vijay Yesudas rendition is spot on. Achu's arrangements augment the tone of the song well especially brilliant usage of mandolin and strings rule the background throughout the song. Lyrics by Kavin are simple and appealing. Hey Umayaal comes with unplugged version comes with unplugged version builds on the Piano base and Kavya Ajit's humming is an additional asset to the soundtrack. Achu tweaked the charanam portions a little and makes this more charming and lovable than the original version. String portions in the background is kept intact as in the original one. Siru Nadai takes the listener back to En Uyire from Achu's wonderful soundtrack Maalai Pozhudin Mayakathiley. Karthik- Achu's combo once again creates magic with Siru Nadai and this one too is absolute gem from the composer. Karthik's vocals are well complemented by minimal orchestration backed by strings and violin in the first interlude is a pure bliss. Only grouse is song is just three and half minutes long. Siru Nadai's reprise version has piano as a base and Veena replaces the violin in the first interlude. Roshini Suresh's nuanced singing is commendable and enjoyable too. Overall Achu retains the highly listenable factor in the Reprise version also but this one ranks lower compared to the original version.After a slew of melodies in the soundtrack, Yaadhum oorae takes an ominous grungy ride with an excellent set of vocals from Guna, Rohan Prakash and Kamalaja Rajagopal. Achu's arrangements are simple and predictable with Guitars and sporadic discordant percussions dominate the track.

Verdict: Achu returns to form after a brief hiatus in Tamil and Urumeen proves once again that Achu is one of the promising composers  to look out for.

My Rating:7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Siru Nadai (both versions), Hey Umayaal, Baby Baby

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