Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Subramanyam for Sale

Music Review (Telugu): Subramanyam for Sale
Music Composer: Mickey J Meyer

       Title song for this Sai dharam starrer is typical hero introduction song and Rahul Nambiar's energetic rendition elevate the song further. Mickey J Meyer's conventional tune aside, sprightly trumpet along with assorted sounds prop up this routine tuned song to an engaging one till it lasts. Vanamali's lyrics bring out the materialistic hero characterization very well. I'm in love fared better, thanks to its foot tapping rhythm, simple duet along with the vocals of Aishwarya Majmudar and Aditya. Mickey J Meyer kept the minimal orchestration although shades of his previous song in the charanam portions of the tune. Overall, hummable sing along tune from Mickey J Meyer. 

       Aakasam Thassadiyya is fast paced mass number with Punjabi beats in the background but the feel is bogged down by quite a heard-before tune whereas interludes also didn't add much enthusiasm. Krishna Chaitanya and Ramya Behera's energetic rendition and Bhaskara Bhatla's rhthmic lyrics aside, this one is conventional song from Mickey. Mickey Meyer remixed the yesteryear chiranjeevi starrer Khaidi No 786's Guvva Gorinkatho and the tune of the song is so addictive that it can't go wrong in any versions. Mickey J Meyer retains the flavour of the song with orchestration while Mano and Ramya Behera did a commendable and splendid rendition especially Ramya's vocals is lovely. It will be exciting to see the visuals of this song. Telugante starts with heard-before trumpet section, but Mickey's upbeat engaging orchestration mitigates those minor grouses. Chandra bose's inspirational lyrics about telugu culture and supremacy of the places in the states surely will gel well with Telugu audiences. The tune is cakewalk for Shankar Mahadevan who aces the tune with his energetic rendition.

Verdict: Mickey J Meyer cleared to his music listeners that he can equally deliver mass songs also with his latest album Subramanyam for Sale. Songs may become chart busters along with the visuals.

My rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album:  I'm in love, Telugante, Guvva Gorinkatho

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