Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Music Review (Hindi): Phantom

Music Review (Hindi): Phantom
Music Composer: Pritam

Afghan Jalebi, is enjoyable fun song with adequate mix of middle east folk elements and Asrar (Syed Asrar Shah) singing makes this one hummable till it lasts notwithstanding whiff of Pungi from Agent Vinod. It's too bizzare that Jalebi is being compared to a girl by Amitabh Bhattacharya. Afghan Jalebi comes in another Dumbek version with another Pakistan Singer Akhtar Chanal Zahiri with some lovely use of string instruments in the interludes and playfulness in the singer's vocals. Same song comes as filmy version with vocals of Akhtar Chanal Zahiri and it's quite similar in arrangements too with Asrar's one. It seems the listener will get exhausted when the same tune comes as Ya baba with vocals by Nakash Aziz and though he did splendid job with vocals, this one fared tad low compared to other version.

Saaware rides mainly on the soulful rendition by Arijit Singh vocals and breezy soft rock arrangements by Pritam especially lovely second interlude where guitar played with slight classical touches. Nachda is soundtrack's best with brilliant mix of middle east string instruments (Rubab i guess) and Rock flavoured arrangements while Shahid Mallya carries the gloomy tune quiet effectually.

Verdict: Short soundtrack (not considering Afghan Jalebi's four versions) from Pritam which engages partially given its thematic soundscape.

My rating:7.25/10

Pick of the Album: Nachda, Saaware, Afghan Jalebi (Dumbek version)