Saturday, August 22, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Courier boy Kalyan

Music Review (Telugu): Courier boy Kalyan
Music Composer: Karthik and Anup Rubens

Bangaramma is typical trendy song infused with teen pop sounds and the feel is emphasized further by the cool vocals of Karthik while Sricharan's rap portions along with brief Megha vocals makes this enjoyable till it lasts. Maya O Maya also has pleasant tune especially lovely charanam portions and Karthik filled the interludes with upbeat brass sections and string sounds. Karthik behind the vocals with his splendid impeccable rendition. Overall winner in the album. Mandu Mandu is loaded with electronic sounds, but song suffers by the stale tune. Karthik and Baba Sehgal behind the vocals unable to prop up the mediocre tune. Vaalu Kalla Pilla, solo composition from Anup Rubens and the tune is rather templatized and pedestrian. Song particularly to appease the ears of mass audience.

Verdict: Courier Boy Kalyan is short cool soundtrack from Karthik and Anup Rubens but still I miss Dola Dola kind of composition from Karthik.

My rating:7.25/10

Pick of the Album: Maya O Maya, Bangaramma

P.S. Edited version of the review will be available here.