Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Music Review (Malayalam): Double Barrel

Music Review (Malayalam): Double Barrel
Music Composer: Prashant Pillai 

Athala Pithala is a perfect start to a gangster movie album with an addictive hook musical bit and the song features brilliant vocal layering from the string of credited singers. Prashant Pillai's sound mixing also quite enticing with an engaging string sections in the interludes. Athala Pithala's reprise version fared better than the original version mainly due to its waltzy feel. Om hare also has brilliant and heard before hook sound, but the song and the tune are so trippy which mitigates those minor grouses. Franco's throaty rendition adds further wackiness to the song. Kadala varathu too carries mystic, an eccentric sound filled with lovely country styled guitar strums and particularly loved the percussion bits towards the end. Shabareesh Varma continues with his hoarse and monotonous vocals throughout the song. 

Selfie is filled with the potpourri of electronic sounds with addictive whistling sound throughout the song. Song is adequately catchy, but it's the fourth song with similar soundscape which bogs down the enthusiasm of the listener. Apart from assorted  techno sounds with occasional highs especially towards the end, Shakeela's tune is quite uninspiring despite effective vocals of Prashant Pillai and Gagan Baderiya. Bum attam's lyrics sure to bring chuckles and K S krishnan aces with his quirky vocals. Prashant Pillai strikes the chord with retro duet Mohabbat and song rides mainly on the mesmerizing Preethi Pillai and Shahabaz vocals. Prashant Pillai's orchestration is in tandem with the mood of the song. Amour Amour, all an out french song by Gilles Denizot but the song lacks instant catchy factor despite some lovely European strings throughout the song.

Verdict: Prashant Pillai's musical score for Lijo Jose Pellissery is in line with the trailer of the movie promised- a freaky, unconventional, eccentric soundtrack. However still Amen tops the list from this wonderful duo.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Athala Pithala (both versions), Mohabbat, Om hare, Kadala Varuthu

you can listen to the soundtrack here.