Sunday, August 2, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Paayum Puli

Music Review (Tamil): Paayum Puli
Music Composer: Imman

      Marudakaari is traditional Imman's percussion cum guitar  laden track with the hummable tune and the ear-friendly orchestration with enjoyable violin solo and strings cum percussion section in the first and second interlude respectively. Diwakar's lively vocals and sing along tune props up the tune very much.Naa Soodana Mogini is also conventional tune which occasionally traces the yesteryear hit songs and the song is strengthened by Jyoti Nooran's rustic, powerful vocals and chorus portions in Telugu verses. Imman's arrangements treads along the rural backgrounds with an extensive use of pipe instruments and percussions peppered with brass sections.Title song rides on the vocal powerhouse of Malgudi Subha and the Imman mixes grungy angst filled Guitar cum drums combination adorned with  extensive Idakka sounds and particularly loved the guitar strums towards the end. Vairamuthu's powerful lyrics deserves special mention.

        Nowadays Imman started introducing Bollywood singers to Tamil songs and thankfully Tamil diction is not sabotaged in that ventures.  Divya Kumar joins the list to croon the enjoyable Silukku Marame  tête-à-tête kind of interplay between the lead singers. Sharanya Gopinath sings more like a cameo with brief English verses whereas Imman's arrangements also lovely especially violin in the first interlude. Overall although conventional and the package  is  reminiscent of Imman's previous works, Silukku Marame is an enjoyable ride. Imman tries to bring back his addictive and simple tune magic with Yaar Indha Muyalkutti and succeeds in clasping the listeners for four-minute duration. Hummable tune with Imman's sweeping and enticing arrangements with clarinet, Piano and vocal harmonies makes this one lovely listen and Vairamuthu's allegorical lyrics with rabbit deserves special mention while Armaan Malik apt vocals makes this one enjoyable ride.

Verdict: Imman brings back his mojo after previous two debacles and Imman- Susseenthiran Combo turns out to be a successful combo with Paayum Puli. Special credit must be provided to Imman for his knack in the selection of  singers, quite an interesting list of singers in this album.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Yaar Indha MuyalKutti, Silukku Marame, Puli Puli Paayum Puli