Thursday, November 19, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Abbayitho Ammayi

Music Review (Telugu): Abbayitho Ammayi
Music Composer: Ilayaraja

      Piyush Kapoor of X-factor reality show fame returns with Reena Mecareena, another Rock flavoured groovy tune after you're my love in Nenokkadine and he is fabulous with his effectual sprightly rendition. Ilayaraja also pulled off the genre with quite catchy sounds especially first interlude synthesized sounds, drum beats and lovely humming. Though tune feels monotonous, Piyush Kapoor and Maestro mitigates those minor grouses. Edhuru Choosthunna starts with spirited guitar riffs but what follows is a typical highly enjoyable Ilayaraja melody with ample support from Vibhavari's mellifluous rendition. The arrangements have Ilayaraja's stamp all over it from the piano keys along with catchy guitar riffs while strings and flute rule the interlude portions. Tholi paruvam is another vintage melody from Maestro where once again string section outshines in  the background throughout the song. Sathya Prakash and Vibhavari is spot on with the rendition part despite the tune is not highly effective compared to the previous song although song is enjoyable till it lasts mainly because of vocals and orchestration.

        Maatallo cheppaleni rides mainly on the charming, soothing vocals of Karthik and Ilayaraja's tune in the charanam portions are memorable in this otherwise a passable song from the composer. Arrangements by the composer is also pretty much standard fare without any special moments. Kanulu Kalanu, waltzy duet and the song is lovely mainly because of the earnest rendition by the lead singers Haricharan and Chinmayi while Ilayaraja breezes through with charming arrangements especially poignant violin solo and flute portions in the interludes. Rehman marks his presence with his poetic lyrics. Okasaari O oyyari has the upbeat tune where Yazin Nizar vocals works for most of the tune whereas Rita's vocals didn't appeal much compared to the male lead. Despite the assorted synthesized sounds and de trop raps mixed to sound trendy, this one also features lovely raja's melody underneath it in charanam portions. Saradale has the harmonious rendition by three female singers Rita, Reena Reddy and Mansi. The interlude portions, alluring violin prelude which has the whiff of composer's yesteryear tunes and arrangements works more than the gimmicky tune by the maestro. The title song male version has once again Piyush Kapoor behind the mic and he sounds totally different compared to the other song. Raja's tribal chants and humming are the highlights in this short title song. The title song's female version has Rita doing the honours of vocals while everything else is pretty-much same.

Verdict: Ilayaraja brings back his vintage delectable music for the love based movie. Abbayitho Ammayi is surely fresh whiff of music amidst the auto tuned music from the contemporary mainstream composers in Telugu. 

My rating: 8.5/10

Pick of the Album: Kanulu Kalanu, Edhuru Choosthunna, Reena Mecareena, Tholi Paruvam

You can listen to the songs in youtube.

P.S. Edited version of the review is available here.