Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Kumari 21F

Music Review (Telugu): Kumari 21F
Music Composer: Devi Sri Prasad

     Bang Bang Bangkok has DSP's stock beats in the background and amateurish processed vocals of Devisri Prasad, Ranina and Rita didn't bolster the song anymore. Yazin Nizar is fabulous in Meghaalu Lekunna while DSP spruces up the relaxing laid back tune with breezy guitar laden orchestration.String sections in the interludes, especially in the second one is the highlight from the composer.Love cheyyala Oddhaa has amusing lyrics by Ramanjhaneyalu but pedestrian monotonous tune bogs down the listener's interest very much despite the sprighted rendition by Narendra. Baby U gonna miss me, typical EDM track filled with synthesized sound is not groovy and catchy enough while occasional violin solo being the only solace in this conventional song from DSP. Breakup Patchup is a mandatory item song and apart from sporadic harmonium bits, the tune is not catchy enough compared to DSP's repertoire in the songs of this genre. M M Mansi fits the bill perfectly with her enthusiastic vocals.

Verdict: Devi Sri Prasad's Kumari 21F rides mainly on the single wonderful melody in the form of Meghaalu Lekunna.

My rating: 6/10

Pick of the Album: Meghaalu Lekunna

You can listen to the songs here.