Thursday, November 19, 2015

Music Review(Tamil): Anjala

Music Review(Tamil): Anjala
Music Composer: Gopi Sundar

           Gopi Sundar's album opens with quirky folk number Nakkalu Mama crooned by the line of singers lead by Santosh Hariharan and the singers did complete justice to the number with required verve. Gopi Sundar arrangements too is a perfect blend of folk elements like Thavil, Nathaswaram especially energetic climax portions and also modern sounds with strings.The song's only grouse being the tune could have been better. V V Prasanna and Vandana Srinivasan joins together for the simple folksy duet Kanjadai while Gopi Sundar continues to captivate with the arrangements where piano adorning the folk base of the tune in the interludes. Yugabharathi once again marks his presence with his simple rural based lyrics. Vandana Srinivasan is especially fabulous with her portions in this simple pleasing song.

           Yaarai Ketpathu, melancholic classical number rides mainly on the poignant rendition of the Na Muthukumar's effective lyrics by Gangai Amaran. Gopi Sundar's adeptness is apparent by the usage of minimal but effectual string sections throughout the song in the background and especially goosebump-inducing second interlude. Ayyankuli, another focal number where once again Gopi Sundar's arrangements outshine the tune as in the album's opening number. Gopi Sundar brilliant usage of single string bowed instrument in the prelude, lovely Ghatam throughout the song and especially nadhaswaram in the interludes deserves special mention. Lyrics by Yegathasi are amusing in parts while Mukesh, Tamil, Thalamuthu takes care of the vocals part effectually. Tea podu has funky arrangements with trumpets and other brass sections along with local kuthu flavored beats comes together for the boisterous song. However tune lacks the punch when compared with the arrangements while Deva nails the singing part with his unique gaana vocals.

Verdict: Anjala album sticks well with the folksy theme of the movie and the tunes could have been better. Gopi Sundar's return after a sabbatical is tepid affair when compared to the composer's repertoire in Malayalam and Telugu.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Kanjadai, Yaarai Ketpathu, Ayyankuli

P.s. Edited version of the review is available here.

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