Saturday, November 21, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Tanu Nenu

Music Review (Telugu): Tanu Nenu
Music Composer: Sunny MR

Suryudune chusoddhama rides mainly on the ever dependable Arijit vocals and contrasting Sunny M R coarse vocals. Once again Sunny does his best with synth elements and lovely guitar strums accompanied by keys. Harshika Gudi marks her presence with terse portions. Sunny's arrangements in Pade Pade is much better compared to  the previous song and here also composer is fabulous with the brilliant medley of guitar strums, lively soft drum beats and ecstatic European styled violin solo in the interludes. Though tune reminds of Sunny's previous tunes, his arrangements make up for this minor grouse. The title song is also gorgeous and starts off like folksy tune with lot of similarities to Uyyala Jampala's title song may be because of the same singers. Once again Sunny did some fine work with the arrangements especially loved the sounds of clarinet/oboe, mandolin, keys and especially sounds towards the end of the song. Nuvvu Tode vunte suffers much on the hangover of Sunny MR's sound despite effectual singing by Arijit and some fabulous guitar work along with singer's humming portion. Sunny MR ends the soundtrack on peppy upbeat song Adigo Adigo with composer itself behind the mic while arrangements complement the song's mood very well.

Verdict: Once again Sunny MR delivers enjoyable soundtrack while the only concern being Sunny MR confines himself with particular soundscape.Expecting variety from one of the talented composer in Telugu.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Thanu Nenu, Pade Pade, Suryudune Chusoddhama 

You can listen to the songs in youtube