Monday, September 8, 2014

Music Review: Enakkul Oruvan

Music Review: Enakkul Oruvan
Composer: Santosh Narayanan

Endi Ippadi, starts like mild down version of ding dong in Jigarthanda and traverses with quirky Santosh Narayanan vocals. Composer adorned the arrangements with oboe/clarinet, percussion instrument by 4 idiots group,guitars and interestingly conceived auto tuned humming throughout the song. Kutti Poochi, trademark Santosh Narayanan's eclectic sounds nadhaswaram being the highlight surpass Manicka Vinayagam's folky raw vocals. Prabalamagavey starts with heavy beats in MJ's style along with trippy guitars and Siddharth pulls off the rocky tune well but heavy techno sounds make this song middling listen. Yaar, short pathos song adorned with initial piano, dreamy guitar sounds and light percussions in pleasant Dhibu Ninan Thomas vocals is an interesting listen. Santosh Narayanan gives the soundtrack best Poo Avizhum Pozhuthil to his regular Pradeep Kumar and he aces the dreamy tune in his usual way. Composer kept the arrangement, minimal with light beats, wonderful guitar riffs and occasional whistling.Especially en moochil nuzhaindaen hook is a nice touch.

Verdict: Santosh Narayanan continues his successful year with offbeat sounds and Enakkul Oruvan too offer some good tunes.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the album: Poo Avizhum Pozhuthil, Yaar, Endi Ippadi