Friday, September 19, 2014

Music Review(Tamil) - Kaththi

Music Review(Tamil) - Kaththi
Music Composer: Anirudh

Pakkam Vandhu, Anirudh- Hip hop tamizha combo comes back for their regular techno party song  adorned with interesting nadhaswaram and Hip hop tamizha fares exceptional than Anirudh with his rap portions nevertheless song didn't pave the way for multiple listens. Next comes already leaked song selfie pulla, starts with catchy kuthu guitar riffs and Madhan Karky's use of colloquial lyrics will allure new age internet youths for sure. Vijay and Sunidhi chauhan vocals makes the required impact for this middling kuthu song. Vishal Dadlani join hands with Anirudh for the second time in Aathi and did a wothy job with his vocals for the guitar dominated energetic song.Composer handles the mandolin deftly in the first interlude and Hip Hop Tamizha rap portions are catchy enough to make this song hit. Anirudh tries multi genre fusion of folk, kuthu and carnatic in Paalam backed by the brass band orchestration for folk and kuthu one and regular instruments for carnatic portions. Both Shwetha Mohan and Shankar Mahadevan are splendid in singing. Yaar petra magano nee, a pathos by K J Yesudas has a lovely tune backed by guitars, wonderful flute in first interlude and other instruments sets the required tone for the song. Anirudh came back with wonderful theme tracks. Bad eyes Villain theme is simply mind blowing for its Veena and flute usage and nicely mixed the splashes of water sounds.Second one, Kathi theme rides on energizing guitar enhanced by sword clank sound  and chanting of Kathi towards the end.

Verdict: Anirudh came back after line of middling albums and good that he uses other singers rather than singing himself. Sure Kathi will satiate vijay fans.

My Rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Yaar petra, Aathi, Theme tracks