Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Music Review (Telugu): Govindudu Andari vadele

Music Review (Telugu): Govindudu Andari vadele
Music Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Neeli Rangu cheerolana, folky tune with heavy percussions is lovable, simple, catchy krishna vamsi styled melody handled well by Hariharan and Yuvan Shankar Raja's interludes are instantly likeable. Gulabi Kallu rendu mullu, techno-pop number sung well by Javed Ali and again Yuvan's arrangements are quite interesting, especially violin portions in the second interlude and towards the end. The semi-classical melody Ra Rakumara by Chinmayi is the soundtrack best and Krishna Vamsi is best in extracting these type of songs from his music directors. Chinmayi aces the song with her exquisite rendition and Yuvan spruces up the beautiful tune with enticing orchestration especially veena. Prathichote Naake swagatham, with interesting techno sounds, but tune remains routine telugu one. Bhavagari choope, a listenable predictable templatized tune with heavy percussions. Ranjith stands out among the list of singers with his usual verve. Kokokodi, weakest one in the soundtrack and the tune seems to be bland.

Verdict: Soundtrack has less number of  Krishna Vamsi styled melodies, but Yuvan shankar raja made the songs listenable with his arrangements.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the album: Ra Rakumara, Gulabi Kallu rendu mullu, Neeli rangu cheerolana