Friday, September 12, 2014

Music Review (Tamil): Jeeva

Music Review (Tamil): Jeeva
Composer: D Imman

Netru Naan traverses mainly on wonderful guitar, but the orchestration in the second half seems to be similar to Imman's previous work and Sathya Prakash apt for this short neat melody. Oru Rosa has witty lyrics by Karky who is best for these type of songs and Imman arranged the song with nice sounds though the tune is middling. Anthony Dasan vocals are quite custom-fit for this genre only apprehension is A V Pooja voice used just for auto tuned humming purpose. Next track Sangi mangi is a typical party song and orchestration confided to EDM framework but for the second interlude. however tune is average at best. The soundtrack turns from decent to awesome with the remaining melodies.

Ovvondrai Thirudugirai starts with lyrical note and Imman creates the rainy atmosphere. Bhavya Pandit and Karthik complement each other in this carnatic influenced melody. Imman packed this song with intriguing guitar, drums and wonderful violin in the second interlude. Overall wonderful composition from Imman. The next best song in the album is Oruthi Mellae, acapella by Abhay Jodhpur, with his velvety voice suited for this simplistic catchy tune. El fe Choir amalgamates well with the genre of the song. Once again Imman arrangements are top notch, Mouth organ, strings and piano makes this song interesting. Yengae Ponai, reminds paradesi composition, but Imman's orchestration Veena, sweeping strings, especially emotional overture stand out in this pathos. SPB aces the song with his poignant rendition.  

Verdict: Imman came back to his form and in Jeeva experimented to come out of his Ilayaraja'sh melodies.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Ovvondrai Thirudugirai, Oruthi mellae, Yengae ponai