Friday, March 18, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Jackson Durai

Music Review (Tamil): Jackson Durai
Music Composer: Siddharth Vipin

       Motorbike has an expected unconventional, outlandish programming throughout the song and the ambience sounds created with synth are particularly adequate to create the curiosity, however, the so-so tune drags down the song by a speck. Antony Dasan and Dharani Dharan-Arvind Devaraj makes up for the minor grouse with their vocals and lyrics respectively.Yethetho is the charming melody which composer builds on the fabulous string sections, brief banjos, Naveen's guitar strums and Vishnu's flute thrown in intermittently. Although the tune has the heard before feel, ever- reliable singers Karthik and Chinmayi makes this dulcet melody enjoyable till it lasts.

      The title song of Jackson Durai joins the list of umpteen techno kuthu tracks churned out by the music composers in recent times. Apart from the sprightly rendition by Gaana Bala and the illustrious Sathyaraj's 'Ammavasai' dialogues, this short title track has very little to offer for the listeners. Motobike's remix version is an unwarranted typical remix version of the original song which ticks off every sound one can associate with the remix songs. The remix version is not a bad listen but the song strictly confines well within the framework of the songs of this genre. Overall, it ends up being the passable listen in the album.

Verdict: Siddharth Vipin's score for Jackson Durai has its constraints considering the movie's genre, however the quirky unconventional tone in the title and movie posters didn't come off well in the soundtrack of the movie. Overall, Jackson Durai soundtrack is a medley of trifle passable tunes from Siddharth vipin barring the enjoyable melody.

My rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Yethetho, Motorbike