Friday, March 11, 2016

Music Review(Hindi): Cute Kameena

Music Review(Hindi): Cute Kameena
Music Composer: Krsna

       Twinkle Twinkle's tune and arrangements are rollicking addictive one although Payal Dev's processed vocal sounds odd initially but turns out to be quite an engaging one as the song progresses. Arghya Banerjee bolsters the song with his vocals and the song reminds me Amit Trivedi's what to do from Aiya. Krsna aces in the breezy melody Single chal Riya hu and Mohit Chauhan is splendid with his vocals. The composer weaves the song with brilliant guitar laden interludes and non-structural tune clasp the listeners till the song last. Krsna able to bring diametrically different reprise version of the song and the composer handles the tune really well with his languorous rendition. Overall engaging listen, However, Mohit Chauhan's version fared better mainly because of the singer prowess. 

           Da Di Da Da's highlight is undeniably wonderful usage of sitar and heady addictive tune by krsna. The composer did a fabulous job behind the mic and also in arrangements front particularly loved the intermittent faux classical string sections peppered throughout the song. Shaam Hote hi's retro tune works partially mainly because of Shreya Goshal's vocals. Krsna returns back to his forte in Shehar Mehboob Hai Ji, lovely qawwali melody and the arrangement reminds of the composer's wonderful debut soundtrack. Javed Ali breathes through this enjoyable track and the singer aces especially sargams in the mid-way while Krsna's ambient claps, tabla and harmonium make this one highly enjoyable track. Shreya Goshal once again rules in the last track of the soundtrack Rafa Dafa with her energetic rendition while krsna adequately supports her with his vocals. Particularly loved the way Shreya ends the song.

Verdict: Krsna continues to showcase promise with the eclectic enjoyable score in cute Kameena after Tanu weds Manu series.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the album: Shehar Mehboob Hai Ji, Da Di Da Da, Single Chal riya hu, Twinkle Twinkle

You can listen to the songs in Saavn.