Saturday, March 12, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Sawari

Music Review (Tamil): Sawari
Music Composer: Vishal Chandrasekhar

     June Malargalin, breezy soft rock track from Vishal Chandrasekhar and the composer brings in nifty touches to the tune with groovy guitar riff cum live drums especially loved the tinge of classical twist in the second interlude. Naresh Iyer breezes through the easily accessible track with his pitch-perfect rendition. Charukesh lyrics are functional and flows well along with the tune.Ennai Theriyuma is the only weak link in an otherwise pleasing album and the composer's attempt on the grungy techno track works partially with occasional brilliance in terms of arrangements. Sudeep's vocals and quirky sounds being the only highlight in this passable track.

    Vishal Chandrasekhar enters into his quirky unconventional Jil Jung Juk mode in Paani Poori and the resemblance of Domer-u- lord u is undeniable. However, the track is rollicking addictive one which makes up for the deja-vu factor associated with the track. The heavily layered techno-laden track with enticing sound and amusing lyrics by Arun Raja Kamaraj makes this work.Vishal reserved the best of the soundtrack Mazhaiyil to his better half Sinduri and she handles the lovely semi-classical Vidya Sagar'ish melody really well along with the proficient singer Unni Krishnan. Vishal throws out some brilliant ambience  and rhythmic synth sounds in this pleasant composition especially loved the guitar riffs in the first interlude.Vishal ends the soundtrack with the two theme tracks escape theme and Power of Ponmala. The former being the lovely cornucopia of an enticing string section with the only grouse being the short duration. The power of Ponmala has lovely quirky guitar riffs and techno sounds and both the soundtrack may gel much better along with the visuals rather as a standalone soundtrack.

Verdict: After the middling Aagam, Vishal Chandrasekhar comes up with the immensely engaging score for the psycho thriller movie with the right mix of melodies and wackiness imbibed with the songs. Overall Sawari is the fitting follow up for the composer's eclectic Jil Jung Juk.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Mazhayil, June Malargalin, Paani Poori

P.S. You can listen to the songs in Youtube.