Saturday, March 19, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Vetrivel

Music Review (Tamil): Vetrivel
Music Composer: Imman

Adiye Unna Paathida has an easy charm, lilting tune and Imman's trademark violin phrases in the interludes, mesmerising flute to bolster the ear pleasing duet.Sathyaprakash is incredibly good with the vocals while another competent singer Vandana enters the charanam portions and aces the simple tune with ease. Yugabharathi continues to weave immaculate easily accessible folksy lyrics for Imman.Onnapola Oruthana starts off with typical marriage function prelude and Ilayaraja'ish chorus but the tune is middling at its best while Imman's background percussion laden rhythm suffers from deja-vu sound. Shreya Goshal's euphonious vocals and the nuances in the singing makes this works till it lasts. Balesh's Shenai being the highlight in this passable track.

Attam Pottu's energy level and Saicharan's verve complements well with the optimistic lyrics by Mohan Raj. Though Imman's tune tread on the familiar soundscape created by the composer itself, Imman scores in the arrangements from Kazoo in the prelude to brilliant mix of Nadhaswaram, Thavil and veena in the second interlude.Adhuva Idhuva is a short feel good melody by Imman and sung fabulously by Aalaap Raju while Imman restricts himself with simple progressive orchestration dominated by hardcore guitar riffs and rhythm beats. Naattu Saalayile is a typical rural folklore dominated by percussions and the medley comes off lively due to the earthy vocals of battalion of singers Jeyamoorthi, VM Mahalingam, Anitha Venkat and Kovilpatti Amali. Yugabharathi's amusing lyrical dialogues aids the listening experience adequately however this song may come off well with visuals rather than as standalone track.

Verdict: Imman's rural folk album has its highs with his simple accessible melodies and also reuse strain in the overall soundscape of the album being the only minor concern.

My rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album:Adiye Unna Paathida,  Onnapola Oruthan, Attam Pottu

You can listen to the songs in Saavn.