Monday, March 21, 2016

Music Review (Telugu): Sardaar Gabbar Singh

Music Review (Telugu): Sardaar Gabbar Singh
Music Composer: DeviSri Prasad 

DeviSriprasad reworked on the Gabbar Singh's title track tune for the Sardaar Gabbar Singh and the result is equally engaging. However, this one lacks the energy and punch both in terms of vocals and orchestration. Benny Dayal did a neat and commendable job but when compared to Baba Sehgal's original version this one falls behind a tad.O Pilla, though nothing much refreshing about this song, the tune flows without much hindrance mainly due to pleasant violin solos and typical DeviSri Prasad tune. Shreya Goshal's euphonious vocals and Vijay Prakash makes this standard fare from DSP works to some extent.

Tauba Tauba rides on the standard percussion rhythms with occasional qawwali touches with harmonium, tabla being the only takeaway in this passable song. Anant Sriram's funny lyrics justifying the drinking and Nakash Aziz's vocals deserves special mention. The song requires Pawan Kalyan's screen presence to make this one chartbuster.Nee Cheppakallu, another melody in the album crooned by Sagar and ever reliable Chinmayi and both singers aces the simple tune. Though the tune sounds dated and the DSP's orchestration seems to be dredged from his own stock templates, singers rule this track because of their involved rendition. Aadevadanna Eedevadanna is incredibly punchy enough to make fans crazy and Ramajogayya Sastry's mass lyrics praising the protagonist will blend well with the visuals rather than as a standalone track. DSP kept the orchestration generic and formulaic which confines well within the standard mass track.Khakee Chokka, another mass song in the album and Devi Sri Prasad seems to regurgitate his own stock sounds and templates. The song falls far behind in terms of energy as well as instant catchy factor in Kevu Kekka. Mamta Sharma and Simha's rendition are also unable to salvage this highly predictable mass song.

Verdict: DSP's Sardaar Gabbar Singh has nothing extraordinary to offer and DSP mired himself with  his stock tunes which are staid. Sardaar Gabbar Singh album is strictly for Pawan Kalyan fans.

My rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Nee Cheppakallu, O Pilla, Tauba Tauba

You can listen to the songs in Youtube.