Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Music Review(Tamil): Thani Oruvan

Music Review(Tamil): Thani Oruvan
Music Composer: Hip Hop Tamizha

        The title track of the album is energetic, the mighty package of synthesized sounds and also predictable without much awesome moments in the four-minute song. Bobo Sashi and Hip Hop Tamizha's prop up the average tuned song to listenable one with their sprightly rendition despite tune is languishing and monotonous.The highlight of the lovely melody Kannala Kannala is the delightful vocals of debutante Kaushik Krish and Padmalatha. This is the second track for Padmalatha with Hip Hop Tamizha and she aces the song with her nuanced singing. Hip Hop Tamizha's arrangements are also pleasant with beautiful ghatam, flute sections in the interludes and the tune ends with Sufi style singing by lead singers.

       Kadhal Cricket (Love not out) opens with jingli'sh xylophone sounds and the most delightful part is the twinkly ambience created by the composer with strings, brass sections and keys. Khareeshma Ravichandran offbeat vocals complemented the song very well and lyrics by Hip Hop Tamizha  will surely bring chuckles to listener's face.Theemai Than Vellum's orchestration is pretty much background material and also quite repetitive throughout the track.However dialogues by Aravind Swamy gels neatly with the singing of Hip Hop Tamizha and the composer's lyrics are remarkable, however, it got sabotaged in the first half of the song where sound overrides the vocals. Aasai Perasai (The Greedy Good) is the heady mix of dialogues by the film's protagonist Jayam Ravi and exhilarating sounds by the composer.This one scores well compared to the Aravind Swamy's version mostly due to Hip Hop Tamizha's racy score from the start till it ends and composer brought out the fiery feel in the theme very well.

Verdict: Hip Hop Tamizha consolidated his position in the industry with this vibrant and refreshing third album and the songs are engaging and script oriented.

My Rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Kannala Kannala, Kadhal Cricket, Aasai Perasai