Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Rum

Music Review (Tamil): Rum
Music Composer: Anirudh

          Hola Amigo's catchy as well as eccentric techno sounds along with thought provoking Madhan Karky and Balan Kashmr lyrics makes this one an engaging composition. Though Anirudh vocals has its limitations, as a composer he mixes entiicng sounds in the background especially lovely mix of kanjira like percussion especially towards the end. Hola Senorita seems to be like reprise version of Hola Amigo with punchy rhythms and composer's nifty touches in the arrangements dominated by spanish styled guitar strums and splendid usage of Anantha Krrishnan's violin along with grand piano. The lyrics and the tune is kept intact, however the song has much to love for its background orchestration. Look out for the violins reaching crescendo towards the end.

          Alladhe Siragaiye sounds typical with nothing new to offer and the EDM beats fall under the conventional one while the techno sounds goes overboard at certain places. Sid Sriram holds the song with his vocals crooning the pleasing vivek's lyrics. Pori Pathi Vizhum also falls under the same category as Alladhe Siragaiye where EDM sounds and trance dominates both the vocals and lyrics. The trance elements are enjoyable though occasionally while Diwakar sounds apt with high on energy and Divine breezes through the Hindi rap portions adequately well. In Peiyophobilia, tamil Kuthu meets electronic techno sounds and result is quite an enjoyable track but for STR's vocals. Vivek's pedestrain lyrics along with the foot tapping tune will surely satiate the masses but not for the music lovers.Anirudh gets his mojo in Kadavulae Vidai and the mesmerising tune delivered effortlessly by Sean Roldan while Pragathi offers brief support to the singer. Apart from the lovely tune and lyrics aside, the song has a winning arrangements, though dominated by techno sounds, Anirudh has lot to offer in terms of pleasant sounds especially carnatic guitar transition in the mid-way. Though Anirudh's vocals comes off as an edgy one, the tune and the short duration makes this one works. The tune and the lyrics are kept intact while the arrangements and pace are smoothed out. The ending is much better with the continuumm fingerboard and the serene title hook.

Verdict: Anirudh made EDM dominated tracks enjoyable with the nifty touches in the arrangements and the album sounds refreshing despite the tunes are inconsistent.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Hola Amigo (both versions), Kadavulae Vidai (both versions), Alladha Siragaiye

P.S you can listen to the songs on Saavn.