Saturday, January 7, 2017

Music Review (Telugu): Khaidi No 150

Music Review (Telugu): Khaidi No 150
Music Composer: DeviSri Prasad

Ammudu Let's do Kummudu starts with the proclamation that this is not a mass song, it is boss song but what follows is the tried and tested staid kuthu template for Chiranjeevi. Apart from the Devi Sri Prasad's energy and Ranina Reddy's playful vocals this song has very little to offer musically. Chiranjeevi's screen presence will satiate the fans appetite but not for the music lovers. Sundari's synth dominated arrangements and tune strictly confines to the Devisri Prasad's territory while the song heavily benefits from the Jaspreet Jasz vocals. Though DSP spruces up the proceedings with the brass sections in the interludes, the song struggles to come out of the rote composer's style.DSP gives the brief respite from the tedious tunes and comes up with the gorgeous pleasant melody You and Me. The song rides mainly on the delightful vocals of ever- reliable Hariharan and Shreya Goshal. The flute hook is incredibly catchy and the accompanying strings background towards the end segues into the tune well.

Rathallu is another futile kuthu which adds to one of the mundane song lists of Devisri Prasad where punchy rhythms and plucked strings keep the song afloat. Despite the pretty average tune and arrangements, Nakash Aziz and Jasmine Sandlas's vocals shines with their vocals.Devi Sri Prasad reserves the album's best for Shankar Mahadevan in Neeru Neeru and the singer ace the melancholy in a brilliant manner while bringing out the emotions stupendously. Composer's neat arrangements with strings complement the mood of the song perfectly with ample support from RamaJogayya Sastry's poignant lyrics about farmers plight.

Verdict: DeviSriPrasad weaves a typical commercial album without much novelty and experimentation for Chiranjeevi's comeback movie.

My Rating: 6.5/10

Pick of the Album: Neeru Neeru, You and Me, Ammudu Let's do Kummudu