Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Thoughts On Ok Jaanu

Music Review (Hindi): Ok Jaanu
Music Composer: A R Rahman

Oh Kadhal Kanmani is one of the most loved AR Rahman albums in recent times and Maniratnam makes sure that he gets best from Rahman and the album's diverse range from classical Malargal Kettaen, Naane Varugiren to peppy uber cool techno wacky Kaara Aattakara. 

The Hindi version of the album retains almost all the songs except for the brilliant singalong pop sounded Aye Sinamika and it is replaced by droning Enna Sonna which sounds more like music from Bhatt movies than Rahman soundtrack. However, Rahman brilliantly employed Malargal Kettaen's equivalent in Sunn Bhavra where Shashaa Tripathi aces the lovely Hindustani classical like a pro. Jonitha Gandhi's singing prowess is ostensibly apparent in the O Kadhal Kanmani's best Naane Varugiren named as Saajon Aaye Re in Ok Jaanu and the track still sounds brilliant for its engaging tune and the Nakash Aziz brief solo in the middle. The groovy tracks Mental Manadhil and Kaara Aaatakkara sounds adequately peppy in Hindi also as Ok Jaanu and Kaara Fankaara respectively.  Parandhu Sellava's replacement is an utterly pointless Humma recreation and the song sounds bland and random when compared to both the beautiful original tune and likable Parandhu Sellava. Another song along with Saajon Aaye Re where the original beauty of the song retained is Jee Lein. The trippy rhythm sound  and the tune is transitioned to Hindi smoothly along with the lovely digression in the middle.

Verdict: Oh Kadhal Kanmani/Ok Jaanu's soul lies in the beautiful tunes extracted by Maniratnam from Rahman and the classical songs still works big time in Hindi Version also. Ok Jaanu fares tad lower mostly due to the original songs which doesn't match up to the Tamil version.

My Rating: 8/10 

Pick of the Album: Saajon Aaye Re, Sunn Bhavra, Jee Lein