Thursday, January 19, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Adhe Kangal

Music Review (Tamil): Adhe Kangal
Music Composer: Ghibran

Idho Thaanaagave's pulsating rock sound mixed with the haunting eccentric sitar solos by Kishore Kumar make an enticing combination. Yazin Nizar who crooned the similar soundscape song for Ghibran in Amara Kaaviyam does wonder with this song also, although edgy at times and ably supported by Clinton Cerejo. The layering of guitar riffs and Sitar is exquisitely done in the first interlude.Ponapokil has a charming retro tune backed by Sofia chamber orchestra in the background and Ghibran mixed melange of sounds in the interludes with Thirumoorthy's Nadaswaram being a delightful highlight. Namratha and Anudeep breezes through the alluring tune effortlessly.

Thandira is an absolute winner in the soundtrack by Ghibran and the composer adorned the instantly catchy tune with an ear pleasing arrangements topped by catchy guitar strums. Leonard's whistle turns out to be a pleasant charm factor in the song. Totally immersive track crooned effortlessly by Rajan Chelliah.I Have nothing lacks an instantly addictive tune as other songs, however, Ghibran nifty programming and foot tapping rhythms in the background ably supported by Addie Nicole's husky vocals and Jah Mil's gibberish rap verses makes for an interesting listen. Ghibran rounds off the soundtrack with the tweaked version of Thandira and the theme starts off with the pleasant Leonard's whistle but reaches crescendo by adding the thriller element with the strings and other assorted sounds.

Verdict: Ghibran continues to churn out unpredictable sounds in Tamil film industry and Adhe Kangal turns out to be another keeper from the composer.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Thandira, Idho Thaanagave, Ponapokkil