Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Kaalakoothu

Music Review (Tamil): Kaalakoothu
Music Composer: Justin Prabhakaran

Engeyo Pogum's pleasant breezy tune has Justin Prabhakaran's serene touch in the simple arrangements dominated by flute and violin. The minimal arrangement is complemented by Sriram Parthasarathy, one of the under-utilized prolific singer in the industry. Snehan's philosophical lyrics about the value of friendship is noticeable because of the tidy arrangements and pitch-perfect rendition. Kanna Katti gains immensely from the another gifted singer Haricharan and he totally aces the folksy melody effortlessly with adequate support from Latha Krishna. Justin's arrangement with the drums and guitar combo in the Charanam portions along with the appealing tune makes it the worthy listen. The mild Tabla and Kanjira mix intermittently throughout the track accentuate the beauty of the tune.

Netri Kungumam starts with the splendid tranquil prelude followed by the terse violin solo while Chinmayi aces the lilting tune fluently and V V Prasanna provides adequate support. Justin Prabhakaran employed the chorus portions brilliantly and the interludes are delightful with the tinge of classical touch from the composer along with the Tabla base towards the end. Alli Kodiye's melancholy is expressed in an earnest manner by Sathya Prakash and complemented by the haunting flute and stirring string sections in the interludes. However, the languishing and the lacklustre tune makes this one weak song in the soundtrack.Kannukulla is the gorgeous folk melody gains immensely from the singers Sathya Prakash, Sharanya Srinivasan and Prashanthini. Justin Prabhakaran ensures that the background simple arrangements blend well with the pleasant tune. The excellent string sections in the background throughout the track and the playful rhythm along with the intermittent whistle makes this one enjoyable.Justin ends the melodious soundtrack with the short effectual Jeevan Indha Kaname and the tune reminds Justin's debut soundtrack. Justin played to his strength in the background with the gracious piano and string sections in this short two-minute song.

Verdict: Kaalakoothu is the melodious treat from Justin Prabhakaran and the pleasant folk-drenched tunes make this album easily appealing one.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Kanna Katti, Kannukulla, Netril Kungumam 

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.