Friday, January 20, 2017

Music Review(Hindi): Rangoon

Music Review(Hindi): Rangoon
Music Composer: Vishal Bhardwaj

Bloody hell is a delightful riot from Vishal and Sunidhi Chauhan's swag in vocals gives life to the song while Vishal uses pauses impressively and the vocals fill the void perfectly. The backgrounds arrangements sway in the perfect Jazz world created by Vishal and the sounds from blaring trumpets to rising string section has its charm on its own. Yeh Ishq Hai's tune and arrangements are Vishal Baradwaj's territory and the composer hardly misses the strike and this one is no different. Stupendous composition complimented well by Arijit Singh while interludes are brilliant one from the composer dominated by flute and the lovely santoor strains. Sigh!! Soulful composition from the splendid composer. Rekha Baradwaj upped the beauty of the song in the female version of Yeh Ishq hai with her classical improvisations while composer complimented the style with harmonium and Tabla in the arrangements.

Mere Miya Gaye England is another amusing composition from Vishal and Rekha aces with her idiosyncratic vocals. Vishal Baradwaj's arrangement proficiency is apparent in Tap Tap where the composer brilliantly mixes chugging train and the sweeping violin sections. Sukhwinder Singh, Rekha Baradwaj and Sunidhi produce a crackling song with their alluring vocals. Ek dooni Do's buoyant Salsa beats and the frolic arrangements make an enticing combo while Rekha Baradwaj vocal is a delight to listen as always. Vishal brilliantly utilises European flavoured arrangements dominated by Spanish guitar riffs, accordion and ugh violin solos. Blisss!!  Vishal handover another immersive trademark tune of the composer to Arijit and the man does wonder with the vocal modulations while Vishal impresses in the interludes with the gloomy use of clarinet in the first interlude being the towering highlight. 

Vishal creates the brilliant atmospheric theatre sound for praising the movie's leading female character Julia and quite enthusiastic to see how this song picturised. Sukhwinder Singh brings out diverse emotions with his vocal modulations dominated by high scale sounds. Listening to Rekha Baradwaj's vocals brings an immense pleasure and plucks the musical strings in the listener's heart while Vishal continues to handover frolic song to her and the lady ace the retro tune in Chori Chori. The accordion-laden track loaded with amusing background songs makes this one interesting listen. Be still's jazz backgrounds and Dominique Cerejo's dreamy vocals gels well. Vishal's fancy for Jazz continues in Shimmy Shake with the tinge of Rock and roll touch to the song.and the showstopper is undeniably powerful vocals of Vivenne Pocha. Vishal ends the outstanding soundtrack with the pensive Rangoon Theme and the soundscape easily takes the listener to the Rangoon.

Verdict: Musical Masterpiece by Vishal Baradwaj as expected and the man's musical sounds continues to mesmerize the listeners.

My Rating: 9/10

Pick of the Album: Yeh Ishq Hai (Arijit Version). Ek Dooni Do, Tap Tap, Bloody Hell, Shimmy Shake