Thursday, January 12, 2017

Music Review (Tamil): Shivalinga

Music Review (Tamil): Shivalinga
Music Composer: Thaman

Chinna Kabali's blaring percussions and the tried and tested tune screams Thaman's stock sounds from start till the end of the song. The rhythms are pretty much outdated and the only solace being the Shankar Mahadevan's energetic vocals. Both the pedestrian lyrics by Viveka and languishing tune by Thaman didn't work to the song's favour. Sirikka Vechu is the harmless listen and the simple tune breezes through without any hurdles while the song benefits largely from the Vijay Yesudas's spotless rendition. Thaman kept the background and arrangements neat and makes this one enjoyable till it lasts. Ramya Behra adequately supports the lead singer towards the end.

Rangu Rakkara is another banal track from Thaman and the composer tries to appease both Telugu and Tamil fans by roping Anirudh to croon the typical Telugu kuthu track which he utilises to its maximum tolerable level in every Telugu albums. The track has very less to offer both in terms of arrangements and tune while the singers strive their best with the energy levels.Title song has its predictable tune and the song highly benefits from the haunting Keba's guitar work and though the tune, as well as arrangements, ride on the familiar territory, the song is a decent listen. The only grouse being that Usha Uthup is relegated to few chants intermittently while other singers render their support adequately.Thaman ends the tepid soundtrack with another futile song, Saarah Saarah which starts promisingly but mired into the monotonous tune and the arrangements are bland without any high moments. Rahul Nambiar's sprightly rendition being the only solace in this hackneyed tune from Thaman.

Verdict: Thaman continues to produce his mass masala tracks in Tamil also and the pedestrian album has very little to offer musically.

My Rating: 6/10

Pick of the Album: Sirikka Vechu, Title song