Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Music Review (Kannada): Urvi

Music Review (Kannada): Urvi
Music Composer: Manoj George

Manoj George churns out a winsome melody in Thili Prema with Charan Raj and Madhushree Narayanan behind the vocals and both the singers delivered pretty solid support to the tune. The violinist shows his prowess in the brilliant first interlude while Nikhil supports with the soothing flute in the second interlude accompanied by mild Tabla base. Madhushree Narayanan gets solo version of Thili Prema and the underlying melody works beautifully in this version also and the immersive tune is amply supported by Sandeep Mohan's guitar laden background. Manoj George delivered another knockout track in the album with Kanna Hanni and the melancholy is backed by Chitra's impeccable rendition while Manoj's violin solos is another undeniable star in the soundtrack. The charanam tune and the background violin is intricated beautifully and gives a musical high to the listeners. Adhara Madhura is a stupendous fusion effort from Manoj Geroge and the classical violin transitioning into quite a trippy sound is done in a stupendous manner. Teenu Treasa's punchy vocals elevate the dark grungy tune of the song and Manoj's lovely attempt at Chenda and violin fusion works seamlessly. Kelu Ranga Kelu is a fun track based on the Yakshagana and the buoyant tune is backed by lovely Harmonium throughout the track and the lively vocals make this one enjoyable listen. Urvi Theme sounds more like an extension of Adhara Madhura and the short theme track carries the grungy mood with the exquisite strings and rock flavored backdrop.

Verdict: Manoj George who was the choral arranger for Ricky Kej's Winds of Samsara delivers the highly enjoyable album in Kannada after 9 years.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Pick of the Album: Kanna Hanni, Thili Prema, Adhara Madhura