Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Music Review: Sakalakala Vallavan/ Appatakkar

Music Review(Tamil): Sakalakala Vallavan/ Appatakkar
Music Composer: Thaman

      Album opens with Bulb Vangitaen Machi, manageable kuthu track and Thaman brings exciting combination of Deva, Vivek and Jayam Ravi to croon this track with amusing lyrics. But staid and pedestrian template of the tune makes this tiresome listen except for the exciting credit list. Visuals may prop up the level of the song among the masses. Thaman brings back his templated Telugu flavoured song in Mandayum and the result is that the song is passable and mediocre to its core. Even Nivas's vocals unable to salvage this tedious track and the tune though templatized, it works partially in some portions but overall it's a drab one in the album.

     Thaman's Buji Ma Buji Ma is the redux of the composer's Telugu hit song and the song works here also mostly due to the energetic vocals of Imman and Mansi and partly due to the upbeat chorus. However, lyrics is the main turn off in an otherwise enjoyable track from Thaman. Thaman brings 2014's famous Telugu song Cinema Choopistha mava to Tamil as Hitu song and another set of exciting singers STR, Ramya Nambeesan, M M Manasi, M M Monisha. Overall the fun and mass quotient of the song is intact in Tamil version also. Surely song is bound to create enough airwaves and top the charts. Thaman brings back his another hit Telugu song Dethadi Dethadi from Dookudu to Tamil as Un style Eh power but the tempo is reduced compared to Telugu version of the song. Despite the heavily autotuned vocals of Deepak and Sharmila, engaging tune filled generously with percussion elements and energetic vocals along with chorus makes this song work.

Verdict: Thaman's Sagalakala Vallavan is nothing but recycled work of his telugu hit songs and surely songs will appeal to the masses. Exciting visuals along with peppy dance movements may make this recycled work of Thaman memorable.

My rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album: Hitu Song, Un style Eh Power, Buji Ma Buji Ma