Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Music Review(Tamil): Maya

Music Review(Tamil): Maya
Music Composer: Ron Ethan Yohan

          Thoonga Kangal is a haunting solo track which rides mainly on the confident vocals of Shakthishree Gopalan. The haunting track will be incomplete without piano and here too Piano dominates the arrangement. Orchestration shifts toward soft rock towards the end while Guitars and drumming bring together an ambience of the song in an engaging manner throughout the song. Aayiram Aayiram starts off in a spooky manner with bell sounds and other eerie ambience paves the way for the hard rock guitars and drumming although nothing special with the rock arrangements apart from sporadic piano keys. But the highlight is ever reliable Chinmayi's kickass vocals in an unheard genre and she owns the song with her spot-on rendition.Swetha Mohan aces in Naane Varuven, the free flow tune with her mellifluous rendition and Ron Yohan kept the orchestration minimal while Swetha's nuanced singing along with lovable humming throughout the song takes the front stage. Progressive string sections along with Piano keys complement the singer very well in this unique unstructured

           Hope and Despair, in eponymous to the title, orchestration too follows up and downs with brilliant intriguing string sections and Piano laden interplay. The theme is filled with silence in the mid -way and ends with upbeat string sections. Always a woman is also filled with piano and strings backed by the chorus and the theme turns interesting as it progresses where strings reach the crescendo. Darkest hour is apt to the title starts in an eerie way and the arrangements are truly splendid which brings out the required mood in a perfect manner. Overall debut composer gave rich expansive score for the haunting horror movie with his theme tracks which works well with visuals rather than standalone tracks though each theme track is considerably longer duration.

Verdict: Ron Yohan's debut is commendable and composer proves his mettle in his first movie with genre oriented songs. Surely songs and score prop up the visuals especially rich theme tracks elevate the visuals of the movie.

My rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album:  Thoonga Kangal, Aayiram Aayiram, Naane Varuven