Friday, July 3, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Avam

Music Review (Tamil): Avam
Music Composer: K S Sundaramurthy

Thevaiya is out-and-out dubstep genre which is explored rarely in Tamil film music as a full-fledged song, but song is strictly for the lovers of this genre and for normal music listeners even three minutes song appears quite long despite throaty vocals of M C Vickey. Hope visuals prop up the level of the song much further. In contrast to the opening number, Yaen Yennai is pleasant melody and credit mainly goes to impeccable singing by Swetha Mohan. K S Sundaramurthy complemented her singing well with soothing arrangements backed by tabla, guitar, keys and mesmerising flute in the interludes. Kaarirule which was already released as a single is a progressive rock track where guitar and drumming dominate the arrangements. Loved the way composer employed the violin amidst the grungy guitar sounds. Kamal Hasaan's rendition is spot on bringing all emotions through his vocals and lyrics by Karky brilliantly evocates the dark mood of the song. Sana Sana's highlight is optimistic lyrics by Madhan Karky and breezy feel provided to the tune by the composer throughout the song especially in the interludes. However, little bit  enticing and compelling tune would have made this number arresting listen. On the vocals front Satya Prakash and Suchith suresan's rendition is commendable. K S Sundaramurthy ends the  soundtrack in style with the theme song and it is the most compelling listen in the album especially for its brilliant fusion of veena and rock guitar in an engaging manner. Surely winning concoction of sounds for the dark mood of the theme.

Verdict: Avam is a promising debut by K S Sundaramurthy and songs are non-filmy which stays true to the genre employed in each song.

My rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album: Kaarirule, Avam Theme, Yaen Yennai

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