Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Music Review (Tamil) : Orange Mittai

Music Review(Tamil) : Orange Mittai
Music Composer: Justin Prabhakaran

Straight Ah Poyee was already released as a single has impressive usage of grungy guitar and other assorted sounds mainly pipe instruments but the song lacks interesting tune and also lyrics by Vijay Sethupathi itself is  also mediocre. However, intermittent dialogues are witty enough and Vijay Sethupathi's vocals support the languishing tune very much. Theerathe Aasaigal switches between simple breezy melody and teen pop with ever reliable Karthik behind the mic to bolster the soundtrack very much with his vocals. Justin Prabhakaran adorned the interludes with strings and recurrent rainy ambience and drums sound to complement the mood of the song. Overall easy winner in the album. Orae Oru Oorla is another song with offbeat sounds created by the composer and this too has vocals by Vijay Sethupathi. Lyrics by Vijay Sethupathi revolves around the humorous story about lion and rabbit which will appeal to the kids a lot. Overall passable song with enticing sounds by the composer being the highlight. Payanangal Thodaruthe is another soothing melody from Justin in the vocals of Naresh Iyer and Padmalatha. The arrangements by Justin is spot on with tabla  and anklet sounds while grand string sections and percussions lead the first and second interlude respectively. Good to hear Naresh Iyer after a brief hiatus.The minimal orchestration throughout the song accentuates the feel of the song a lot.

Verdict: Orange Muttai is an engaging follow-up for Justin Prabhakaran after Pannaiyarum Padminiyum. Justin keeps the soundtrack simple and soothing with two melodies being a winner of the soundtrack.

My rating:7.25/5

Pick of the Album: Theerathe Aasaigal, Payanangal Thodaruthe, Straight ah Poyee

P.S Edited version of the review can be found here.