Sunday, November 13, 2016

Music Review (Tamil) : Paambu Sattai

Music Review (Tamil) : Paambu Sattai
Music Composer: Ajesh

           The old world charm in Neeyum Naanum with the captivating Keba Jeremiah's guitar laden track and the beautiful light-hearted melody is delivered perfectly by Ajesh itself. Cochin strings led by Francis did a splendid work in the interludes. The only grouse being the short duration of the track. The more awesomeness comes in the form of Nee Uravaaga, thoroughly enjoyable melody and the vocal part is done by two prolific singers in the industry, Haricharan and Shreya Goshal and the singers shine throughout the song as always. The hummable melody is complemented by an effectual synth programming by Ajesh and Josy's woodwind steals the interludes. Abhay Jodhpurkar leads the gloomy hard rock Venmeghamai confidently with his punchy vocals. Ajesh complemented the tone of the song with arresting orchestration dominated by Josy's woodwind and Keba's guitar work capturing the mood perfectly. The way the song turns into grungy hard rock session towards the end is absolutely enjoyable. The folk charm in Ichukatta is thoroughly endearing while Deepak and Ranjani's energetic vocals complemented by foot-tapping arrangements make this one easily works in the album. The song gets much better especially in the charanam portions for its playful tune and for the lovable twist towards the end. Ajesh delivered one of the best song in the album Kanavugalaal Kalaindhomey, stunning classical piece delivered impeccably by Madhu Balakrishnan and it's delight to listen to his soulful rendition in the exquisite backdrop with Biju's crackling veena solo in the interludes. Debut composer ends the soundtrack with another dark haunting hard rock theme and one wishes it for more duration.

Verdict: Airtel Super Singer winner Ajesh makes a confident and noteworthy debut in Paambu Sattai.

My Rating:8.5/10

Pick of the Album: Kanavugalaal Kalaindhomey, Nee Uravaga, Neeyum Naanum.