Friday, November 11, 2016

Music Review (Telugu): Dhruva

Music Review (Telugu): Dhruva
Music Composer: Hip Hop Tamizha

   The classy Theemai dhan vellum from Thani Oruvan is tweaked for the Telugu version as Dhruva Dhruva with ample dosage of trance elements and made it as Telugu audience friendly. Hip Hop Tamizha roped Bollywood singer Amit Mishra for this rousing anthemic title track. Hip Hop Tamizha’s sprightly interludes work effectually throughout the track and clasp the listener till it lasts. Choosa Choosa is a pleasantly hummable composition where Padmalatha easily scores over the edgy vocals of Sniggy and the charanam tune portion makes up for the slightly tepid start of the song. Though the synthesised sounds in the interludes ends up being bland one, the lead singer vocals and Chandrabose’s simple lyrics makes this one enjoyable.

   Hip Hop Tamizha delivered stunning Hindustani classical song Kannala Kannala in the Tamil version and the composer once again churned out equally enjoyable classical fusion Pareshanura while Padmalatha rendering the vocals for this song also. The classical tune is amped up with the veena and Nadhaswaram interludes and Padmalatha aces the rendition as always. It’s difficult to comprehend Telugu commercial album without any trendy mass appealing dance track and the composer delivered easily accessible typical Bollywood styled party number Neethoney and the soundscape screams Punjabi party styled song from the start till end. Overall, hip hop Tamizha ends the soundtrack with mediocre number replete with repetitive lines. The tinge of nadhaswaram solo towards the end being the only respite.

Verdict:  Hip Hop Tamizha’s tollywood debut is refreshing and an enjoyable one among the recently released Telugu albums.

My Rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album:  Pareshnura, Choosa Choosa