Saturday, November 26, 2016

Music Review (Telugu): Sheesh Mahal

Music Review (Telugu): Sheesh Mahal
Music Composer: Vivek Sagar and Piyush Mishra

In Hotha Hai, Piyush Mishra brings back the glorious yesteryear tune and the charm in the song is appealing despite the vocals. Citramaaga is the delightful listen and Vivek Sagar's laid back jazzy background is absolutely mesmerising while the George Hull's saxophone touch in the interludes is icing on the cake. Shri's vocals complement the jazz-laden song effectually. Bhatki Raaton ko's folk tune is embellished with brilliant bass by Varun Venugopal and Rahul Ram of Indian ocean sounds adequate. The background sounds including Yakub Ali's harmonium and flute sounds enthralling when compared to the main tune. Aagi Aagi is another well-orchestrated song where the mandolin, banjo by Vivek Sagar and Yakub Ali's Harmonium is accompanied by an engaging tune sung with enough verve by Balaji Dake. Shri returns back to another Jazz dominated track Rainbows in the sky and the result is equally splendid one. The lounge'ish background sounds apt for the Shri's sensual vocals and George Hull's saxophone is pure bliss. Piyush Mishra's vocal aside, Bhola Sa Mann Tha is another delightful throwback where the pleasant tune and soothing flute makes up for the minor grouses with respect to vocals. Babarag or the king of the world starts off as a typical bhajan and the song makes less impact as a standalone tune.

Verdict: The eclectic variety from the indie musicians work beautifully for this Sheesh Mahal.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Citramaaga, Aagi Aagi, Rainbows in the sky