Saturday, November 5, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Maaveeran Kittu

Music Review (Tamil): Maaveeran Kittu
Music Composer: Imman

Imman continues his knack in delivering soulful melodies and the success streak continues in the breezy melody Elanthaari and the song features a foot-tapping percussion while Imman mixes the harmonica, strings and guitars effectually. The charanam portions elevate the charmness of the melody and the tune throws us back to yesteryear compositions while Pooja Vaidyanath breezes through the composition effortlessly. Elandhaari's reprise version is equally good with the slight change in orchestration and the second interlude with the punchy guitar work fits the overall song much well. Sniti Mishra, Odisha-based singer's tender vocals are delight to listen and Imman tune holds the song amidst likable arrangements.

Inaivom sounds brilliant from the Sarangi prelude and Pradeep Vijay's sincere rendition of the Yugabharathi's philosophical lyrics makes this song work. The arrangements are intense and the tempo is maintained in tandem with the lyrics and mood of the song. However, the undeniable highlight is the splendid usage of Sarangi. Overall, impactful melody from the composer. Unkooda Thunaiyaga is an another gorgeous melody where the arrangements feature the typical Imman elements from fast beat rhythms, stirring string sections and piano keys. Kalyani Nair rules the tune with her impeccable rendition and the song is an enjoyable listen till it lasts despite the shades of the composer's previous compositions.The album takes a detour with the angsty number Onna Onna and the angsty feeling in the vocals comes off as a forced one. The trance beats and the grungy rhythms is listenable although Imman's processed vocals didn't hit the right note. Kannadikkala has a lot to like from the conversational vocals especially the husky title hook is the delight to listen and the arrangements features playful trumpets, soothing strings. The Vidyasagar'ish tune is crooned effectually by Jithin Raj and Pooja Vaidyanath. The prelude reminds of the composer's recent hit in Thodari. Though the individual bits are incongruous, Imman's highly likable melody makes up for it. Imman ends the soulful album with an impressive theme track where the emotional classical violin by Raghavasimhan is an undeniable highlight. Imman backed the violinist with the resonating string progression and the theme track is a delight to listen.

Verdict: Imman once again proves that his trademark melodies are irresistible and the aplomb consistency shown by the composer in churning out the melodies are remarkable.

My Rating: 8/10

Pick of the Album: Elanthaari, Kannadikkala, Unkooda Thunaiyaga

P.S You can listen to the songs in Saavn.